I often find myself telling my dear Yusuke that the dinners he prepares are worthy of being served in restaurants, because of both the visual and gustatory appeal. Therefore, I decided to create a blog to document his culinary talent. Unfortunately, however, I found that my photography skills are rather wretched and they did not do the meals justice at all. So Yusuke took over the photography as well.

At least, this blog serves as documentation of the excellent food that I have the privilege to eat each day.

N.B. I don’t really include recipes here per se, mostly because many of the dishes are Yusuke’s own creation, or he uses recipes written in Japanese.

See this general post about our grocery shopping list and key Japanese ingredients. And also: miso.


  1. Sam said

    There’s something very Toshiro Mifune about this photograph. Anyway, this blog has made it into my google reader, so you’d better update it frequently!!


  2. uinen said

    Uh oh. So much pressure!

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