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Grilled eggplant

We usually select baby eggplants at the grocery store, but in their absence, we picked up some Chinese eggplants instead. They are longer, thinner, and lighter in colour than the baby variety, but the taste turned out to be pretty similar.

So, for this dish, Yusuke sliced up the eggplant and scored the skin in a fancy criss-cross pattern. Then he fried the slices in canola oil in a frying pan.

To dress the aubergines, he made a ponzu-ish sauce by combining lime juice, sake, mirin, and soy sauce.

He poured the sauce over the eggplants and topped them with grated raw daikon (which becomes nearly a liquid, in fact), alfalfa sprouts, minced ginger, and a sprinkle of shichimi seasoning.

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Cabbage salad

Yusuke put together this different and tasty salad when I had gone crazy on buying cabbage. I dubbed it rabbit salad, and I loved it. The bottom layer is boiled savoy cabbage, followed by raw carrots and alfalfa sprouts, topped with chopped hard boiled eggs.

The dressing was rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, dashi, sesame oil, and a tiny bit of lime juice (and possibly a splash of white wine…he can’t remember).

With rice on the side, a perfect lunch.

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Tilapia and enoki

Yusuke wasn’t sure at first what he would be able to do with tilapia, but now that he’s used to it, the possibilities are endless. The fish has a very mild flavour and texture, so it can be combined with almost anything.

Yusuke sautéed the fish very briefly in olive oil before covering it in a lovely sauce. The centerpiece of the sauce was boiled enoki mushrooms (such funny things) along with soy sauce, sake, mirin, and dashi. The mushrooms gave the sauce a bit of thickness, and the taste was what Yusuke would describe as gentle.

Finally, the fish was topped with shichimi and alfalfa sprouts. おいしい!

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