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Subiaco markets

The dinner standard has fallen a fair bit at Chez Yusuke as I am now often responsible for meal preparation. Neither of us has much time to cook, and we still don’t have our kitchen equipment, so we’re having a lot of nondescript stir fries that don’t inspire me to blog.

Another disappointment has been the price and selection of food. We live quite close to a general grocery store (Coles, a national chain). It’s all right, but there is a marked lack of green leafy veg (never kale, never spinach, rarely baby spinach, rarely chard). And what stuff is there, well, it’s wicked expensive. Apples, grown in WA are $3.98/kg, mushrooms $10.98/kg, bananas $3 or 4/kg. This has put a damper on our food shopping. There is a another grocery called Woolworth’s which has a much better selection than our local Coles, but it’s a bit off our beaten path and is likewise pricey.

Fortunately, there is a much, much wider variety of produce at cheaper prices at various fruit + veg markets around the city. We don’t have access to the ones I’ve heard are best without a car, but the markets in an area called Subiaco are a very quick train ride from our place. Alas, though, they are only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’ve tried to stock up on the weekends, but stuff tends to deteriorate during the week. We’ll keep searching for a better system.

The fruit and veg in Subi isn’t necessarily local nor organic, but it’s much better quality and much more reasonably priced than in the supermarkets.




Even better, a variety of other merchants selling flowers, spices, and food from around the world surround the veggie stalls, making the markets quite a lovely outing.

On our first trip, we had an excellent Vietnamese pho. Just the right spice and tasty seafood. The second time, we had paella chock full of mushrooms, freshly prepared from a pan that had to be at least a meter in diameter. We washed it down later with a green juice, one of my favourite things: broccoli, cucumber, green apples, kale, and ginger. Yum.

Next on our list is Malaysian!

Polish donuts (not danishes!)

Polish donuts (not danishes!)



En vrac at the Angry Almond

En vrac at the Angry Almond





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