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Nasu udon

Preparations for this light and tasty meal began with the core component: baby eggplant.

Yusuke scored around the top of the eggplants and the baked them on foil on the oven rack until the skin was blackened. Alongside them went green onions, which become very sweet when roasted.

Meanwhile, he boiled udon noodles in plain water. When finished, they were drained.

Next, he prepared a broth of:

  • water
  • sea salt
  • sake (tiny bit)
  • soy sauce (tiny bit)
  • dashi powder

When the eggplants were done, he put them in cold water to remove the skin. The last step was to slice the flesh partially into quarters.

Finally, it was time to assemble everything. First into our awesome cat bowls went the noodles, then the broth, then the veggies neatly arranged on top, followed by a dollop of ginger paste.

The broth’s light saltiness really made the eggplant fantastic.

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