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Tomato risotto

Drat, I seem to have lost my notes for this dish. It was a lovely Japanese-style risotto with tomatoes, leeks, and cabbage. Given the ingredients, I suspect that it was designed to target symptoms of a winter cold… It was most certainly delicious.

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Matsutake risotto

Another recipe for the risotto/porridge/おかゆ file. This is an excellent choice for any not-feeling-good circumstance. The rice was prepared in the rice cooker, on the porridge setting. Yusuke added a bit of dashi and soy sauce to the water. In addition, he added dried matsutake mushrooms and let everything soak for about 30 minutes. I […]

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Cold-busting risotto

When I felt the ominous beginnings of a head cold creeping up, Yusuke made this dish in the hope of warding it off. He began by sautéing garlic and chopped fresh chili pepper (from the farmers’ market) in olive oil until aromatic (i.e., “til the smell comes out”). Then he added sliced white onions, followed […]

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I’m tardy in posting this…we ate it a month ago as a beautiful Valentine’s Day treat. Yusuke followed a (Japanese) recipe but omitted the butter called for in the original. First, he sautéed uncooked white rice and chopped white onions in olive oil (2 tbsp?). After it was cooked, he added chicken broth, which was […]

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Comfort food! Porridge/おかゆ (okayu). The key to deliciousness with this dish is the stock. I wrote about another edition that used mushrooms as the base, while this one used seaweed. So to make the おかゆ, Yusuke used the “porridge” setting on our rice cooker, with the appropriate amount of extra water. In addition, he added a […]

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