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Mabo dofu plus…natto!

I’ve written about mabo dofu (that is, spicy tofu, also transliterated as mapo doufu) before, because it’s so darn tasty. The origins are Szechwanese, but it’s a very popular dish in Japan. This version was extra-special, though, based on a recipe that Yusuke happened upon recently. Traditional mabo dofu is supposed to have ground pork, or […]

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Soy supreme: natto tofu

This dish is waaaay Japanese. Only those who can appreciate soft subtle tastes need apply. First, Yusuke thinly sliced white onions and soaked them in water to lessen their strong taste. Next, he prepared a sauce with 1 tsp mirin, 1 tbsp soy sauce, a pinch of dashi, and the tiny packet of “mustard” that […]

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Natto eggplant pasta

わふう パスタ (wafuu pasuta), or Japanese-style pasta, is a perfect example of the national penchant for adapting traditions from other cultures to make them uniquely Japanese. When we were in Japan in April, we had a meal at a fun わふう パスタ restaurant from which Yusuke was inspired to create the dish above. Other common […]

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Natto and okra

This dish is pretty much the definition of ネバネバ (neba neba)—the experience of eating something slippery and sticky. A Google image search might further elucidate the concept. Combined here are two quintessentially neba neba items, natto and okra. Others include nameko mushrooms and tororo, which is made from grated nagaimo (a potato). Just for fun, […]

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2013 Soba

I’m having a hard time believing that it’s already time to adieu 2013. Well, I prefer even numbers, so I’m ready to get this show on the road. To usher out the year properly, and to wish for long (but not thick) life, we followed the Japanese tradition of eating soba on New Year’s Eve. […]

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Birthday dinner at Sakura

Oops, posting this belatedly. I debated long and hard to decide where to have dinner on my birthday. I wanted to try something new, but when I considered what I actually wanted to eat, all that came to mind was the marvelous creation that is スタミナやっこ (“stamina” tofu). I first had this a while back at […]

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100 Japanese foods

The “100 foods to try” meme is showing up on Facebook again, and since it’s not relevant to my eating preferences, I’m posting Just Hungry’s 100 Japanese Foods to Try instead. Some of these I won’t get to try unless we live/travel more in Japan, but I’ll keep up hope! I’ve bolded the foods I’ve […]

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Magical soba

This dish was rather a nifty creation, in my opinion. Yusuke’s first task was to boil fresh bean sprouts: just a few minutes to retain a crunchy texture. Next, he halved cherry tomatoes, removed the seeds, and sautéed them in a dry frying pan (they had enough liquid alone). He set the tomatoes aside and […]

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The great tofu-making adventure

Tofu, tofu, what joy you bring me. As I mentioned before, the closest replica to Japanese silken tofu that we’ve been able to find in Canada is no longer carried at our local grocery store. And the overall selection chez nous is just pathetically lacking. For newer readers, I wrote about tofu in general in […]

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This dish was quite simple, but deceptively time-consuming to make. It was also quite messy! Good thing my specialty is cleaning up after dinner. First, Yusuke boiled okra, chopped it all up (a very sticky operation!), and combined it with prepared (i.e., microwaved) natto. Next, he finely chopped cabbage and boiled it. The cabbage went […]

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