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Parsnip kinpira

Oh, glorious fruit of the earth. Parsnip, I sing your praises. Yusuke, noting parsnips’ similarities to the earthiness of gobo (a Japanese root vegetable), employed it in a fabulous kinpira. He started with fresh chili pepper from our farmer’s market basket, thinly sliced and sauteed in a tiny bit of canola oil. He added sliced […]

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Green bean + carrot kinpira

This lovely kinpira pairs fresh green beans with crunchy carrots. Yusuke sliced the vegetables and began to sauté them in a splash of sesame oil. Next, 2 tablespoons each of mirin, cooking sake, and soy sauce were added to veggies, which were simmered until cooked (but NOT mushy). The dish was completed with a sprinkling […]

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Portobello rice burger

My backlog of blog fodder is piling up again, so I thought I should break the posting fast with a particularly nifty dish. Yusuke’s fantastic work here was inspired by both fast food and fancy cookbook fare. He began by grilling especially lovely portobello mushrooms on our George Foreman grill. Pan-toasting would also work. He […]

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Têtes de violon

It’s fiddlehead season, and I’m happy. This kinpira dish is a Japanese preparation of the veggie (こごみ). It was fabulous for dinner and would also be great for bento, eaten cold or at room temperature. The original recipe called for burdock instead of fiddleheads, but clearly, either works. Yusuke began by boiling the fiddleheads briefly […]

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Ume-mushrooms and konnyaku

This was another of my, erm, experimental, meals. I *occasionally* get excited to try making something, but it never turns out how I planned. (;_;) Anyway, the not-so-pretty dish above was a spin-off of a tasty treat that my mother-in-law made during our visit to Japan. It was simply enoki mushrooms (the really, really skinny […]

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Ryokan meals

A highlight of our December trip to Japan was a sojourn to the mountain resort town Hakone. We stayed in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn. One of the best things about staying in a ryokan is that your food comes to you. Thus, we spent our time between trips down to the hot springs […]

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Konnyaku no Tosani

When I was writing up my last post about konnyaku, I got hungry for it again, so I chose it for this meal. Yusuke and I tagged-team to prepare Just Hungry’s recipe for Konnyaku no Tosani. Yusuke even figured out how to make the cool twisty konnyaku strips. Basically, we just boiled the konnyaku, changed […]

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