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Dessert at Jun-i

No superfluous Jun-i pics this time, as we had some of our usual stuff, but this was a new dessert: mille-feuilles style cream-layered crêpes. Wow. Very tasty and not too heavy at all. The accompanying bananas were coated in what appeared to be a coffee-caramel sauce.

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Jun-i report

In honour of Yusuke’s birthday, my parents treated us to a lovely (as always) lunch at Jun-i. Here is the documentation. My previous recaps are here. Tea was first needed to warm us up, especially my dad, who had trekked to the restaurant on foot. Warm sake followed shortly thereafter. For our first course, Yusuke […]

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Jun-i encore une fois

Per tradition, here is documentation of our latest Jun-i feast (see previously here, here, and here). I opted to start with a tasty kaiso salad. In English, we really only have one word for “seaweed,” which is kind of inadequate. This salad shows the huge variety of plants in this family, with all manner of […]

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Jun-i again

It has become tradition to document our meals at Jun-i, so here’s another round of snaps. This visit was in honour of my brother’s visit to Montreal. We started the meal with miso soup, but I forgot to take a picture, alas. The soup had enoki mushrooms, tiny cubes of tofu, wakame, and a sprinkling […]

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Jun-i dinner

As a belated birthday treat for Yusuke, we indulged again at Jun-i, this time for dinner. I’m going to borrow a post from Yusuke’s blog for the occasion. To quote: “Best Sushi in Montreal” So many North American people misunderstand what “sushi” is. Especially, seeing restaurants selling sushi-ish stuff in North America really makes me […]

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Jun-i Lunch

Last Friday, Yusuke and I decided to have a special lunch out. We had our hearts set on trying Mange Boire, which, despite the name, is a Japanese fusion restaurant. He had found it to be highly recommended on a Japanese social networking site. We checked the restaurant’s hours on their website and headed out. […]

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