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Harusame + squash

Another harusame creation! Here are the component parts that Yusuke assembled: Boiled harusame Microwaved squash Raw daikon (thinly sliced) Raw baby spinach (well, I added that bit on my portion) Chinese style dressing Chicken broth Nam pla (Thai fish sauce) Rice wine vinegar Sesame oil Water

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Deep-fried harusame + veg

Forgot to write up this dish from a while back. It didn’t quite come out as Yusuke expected, but I thought it was pretty cool. There were two components: fried harusame and a veggie stir fry. To begin with the routine side, Yusuke whipped up a typical stir fry with soy sauce and oyster sauce, […]

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Spicy harusame

Now this was a good one. I’m totally a fan of harusame, with its noodley lightness. Here, Yusuke incorporated it in a stir fry. The veggies were cooked first, sautéed in with ginger, fresh garlic, and canola oil: string beans (rather more yellow than green carrots green peppers All from the CSA basket, naturally. The […]

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Harusame salad

Perfect salad for summer. The base is lettuce, although I’m not sure of the variety. Is it just “leaf lettuce”? The salad also includes fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. The star of the night, though, was harusame. I blogged about these lovely noodles before. And for your convenience, I’ve copied over my past description! So what […]

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Eggplant, cabbage, and harusame layers

This was my birthday dinner. (For those keeping track, yes, that was a fair few moons ago, but I’m not always prompt with updating.) I didn’t have anything specific to request, but I asked for a light and simple meal…partially in the hope that Yusuke wouldn’t go to too much trouble. That failed, though: the […]

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Harusame soup

This soup’s broth is very simple: chicken bouillon/water sea salt sugar (tiny bit) soy sauce (tiny bit) The main contents are: napa (chinese cabbage) crimini mushrooms harusame noodles Very tasty. So what are harusame noodles, one might ask? The wikipedia article offers the translation “cellophane noodles,” which sounds pretty much unappetizing to me. But other […]

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Squash salad

Here we have かぼちゃサラダ, or squash salad. Well, it’s not really Japanese kabocha, but rather soft, flavourful acorn squash from our CSA basket. For efficiency’s sake, Yusuke began by microwaving the squash for about 2 minutes. He then cut it into smaller cubes, which were microwaved for another 4-5 minutes. After that, he “smashed it […]

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