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This was sort of okonomiyaki-lite: just simple cabbage and much less batter than the standard. For the batter: 5-6 tbsp flour 100-200 mL of water with a pinch of dashi 3 eggs 4 tbsp of okara with enough water to moisten (or crumbled firm tofu) To make: Dump chopped cabbage in a bowl Add the […]

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Revamped okonomiyaki

This was an attempt at a new okonomiyaki recipe, and it was highly successful! The basis was medium-firm tofu. Yusuke squeezed the tofu between paper towels to draw out excess water and then smashed it with a whisk until it made a smooth paste. He then assembled the “dough” and filling: the tofu paste shredded […]

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Italian-style okonomiyaki

This dish can be described as Italian-style okonomiyaki—a.k.a. we need to use up food basket contents. With lots of stuff to use up, creativity ensued. Yusuke followed his usual okonomiyaki recipe, but instead used whole wheat flour and the following vegetable array: cabbage zucchini carrots tomatoes fantastically beautiful fresh basil The inclusion of basil and […]

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Still here, still eating! To prove it, here’s a gratuitous pic of scrumptious okonomiyaki. See also here and here for actual (old) posts on the subject.

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Okonomiyaki redux

I wrote up Yusuke’s okonomiyaki creations before, but it definitely deserved a photo update. This particular batch was also a little different. We had bought some fabulous Soyarie firm tofu, and Yusuke had the idea of crumbling it into the okonomiyaki batter. It made texture smoother and added a richness to the taste. The veggies […]

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Ah, the famous Okonomiyaki. Yusuke calls it Japanese fast food, or perhaps more properly, festival food. I first had it at the Montreal matsuri (festival) last year, and Yusuke has made it many times since then. Basically, okonomiyaki is a pancake or crêpe with lots of stuff mixed into it. There are two main styles […]

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100 Japanese foods

The “100 foods to try” meme is showing up on Facebook again, and since it’s not relevant to my eating preferences, I’m posting Just Hungry’s 100 Japanese Foods to Try instead. Some of these I won’t get to try unless we live/travel more in Japan, but I’ll keep up hope! I’ve bolded the foods I’ve […]

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Korean-style crêpes

These Korean-style crêpes are sort of similar to Japanese okonomyaki, only flatter. Yusuke used the same type of batter, but instead of cabbage, their crunchiness comes from bean sprouts and green onions. The sauce of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame seeds really made the dish fabulous. Our accompanying miso soup was rather exotic, with […]

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