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CNR Kitchen in Perth. HIGHLY recommended. Ok, it’s over-priced, but there are very few things here that aren’t. The location, ambiance, and most especially the food were all most delightful.

The resto-cafe is perched on the edge of Northbridge Piazza, home to outdoor movies, New Year’s Eve festivities, free morning zumba, Chinese New Year performances, jazz concerts, etc. etc. etc. I especially eyed the cafe during the aforementioned zumba, but I always had to dash off to work rather than stopping in.

CNR is mostly a daytime venue, but since they offer dinner on Fridays, we took advantage recently.

Many restaurants, I find to my chagrin, offer one or two token “vegetarian” options that nearly always include cheese. Vegan options other than salad (with an order to omit the cheese) are few and far between.

CNR, though, offers a lovely array of REAL vegan options, including raw offerings, alongside dishes that include meat/dairy/eggs.

On the other hand, a drawback to eating somewhere like CNR is that I actually have to put forth effort to decide what to order! It’s much simpler when I only have one option…

So, at CNR, I selected the raw vegan tasting plate. I assume that the average diner would order it as a plate of appetizers to share, but I wanted it all! (Although I did split much of it with Yusuke in the end.)

The plate included a ‘slider’: carrot, cashew, and sunflower pattie with tomato ‘bun’; spicey ‘pad thai’ salad made of zucchini, carrot, and coconut noodles; tomato soup ‘shooters’; nifty sun-dried tomato crackers with guacamole; and dolmades: grape leaves stuffed with a cashew mixture. The later was particular sweet and delicious.


Yusuke opted for the vegan eggplant parmigiana, pictured above, which was also most delicious.

If you have a look at the cafe’s website and Facebook page, you’ll see that they also offer lovely coffees, teas, and sweets. I imagine that weekend brunch is also pretty awesome. I’ll definitely be back!

P.S. I honestly don’t miss certain things about Montreal, but I DO definitely miss Crudessence (raw vegan) and especially Green Panther (vegan comfort food, VERY reasonably priced). CNR is the closest substitute I’ve found, but still not as happy-making for me…

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