Sandrino in Fremantle


We finally got around to trying a WA specialty, chili mussels. We made the 40 minute trip to Fremantle one Saturday, arriving precisely in time for lunch. We opted for Sandrino, an Italian restaurant on Market Street. We had most of the sunny patio to ourselves and got to people watch while waiting for our food.

The main attraction was 1/2 kilo of chili mussels. We definitely couldn’t have managed the full kilo! The tomato sauce was fantastically garlicky, with a generous amount of green and red chilis. We ordered extra bread to get all of the sauce. The mussels themselves were very tasty, nearly up to the standard that we sampled in Galway, Ireland.


Our second dish was a smoked salmon salad with spinach, pine nuts, avocado, and most deliciously, roasted pumpkin. Yummmm.

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