Shown with my hand for comparison

Shown with my hand for comparison

I occasionally see the term aubergine here in Australia, but usually “eggplants” are eggfruits in grocery stores.

The other day, we came across a magnificent variegated globe (?) eggfruit in an Italian-owned grocery store. We were wary that it might prove to be full of seeds, but hurray! it was nearly seedless, smooth, and soft. Perhaps it was genetically modified…but it did indeed turn out to be tasty.

Yusuke prepared two dishes out of the large fruit.


For the first dish, shown above and below, he steamed large horizontal cross-section slices in olive oil and cooking sake. He added the liquid and then covered the pan with a lid to let the steaming magic happen.

He served the slices topped with chopped raw tomatoes and green onions. I also added raw baby spinach to mine. Delectable.


For the second dish, Yusuke cubed the eggfruit and made a spicy dish, sauteeing it with

  • sesame oil
  • dashi powder
  • sea salt
  • shichimi togarashi (Japanese mixed chili powder)

Absolutely fantastic texture, very delicious.


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