Moroccan street food

One of the many delights of summer in Perth is street food. It seems that it’s possible to stumble across a little grouping of stalls in any open space in the city, offering a goodly array of international deliciousness.

Last week, after taking a St. Patrick’s Day hike, we passed by a market near Perth station. I had food ready for my brekkie at home, so I just stuck with samples of gluten-free vegan energy bars, while Yusuke was drawn to the Moroccan food stand.

He selected shakshuka (also transliterated as shavfka), which was prepared in one of the those gigantic outdoor cooking pans. It was a mass of simmering tomatoes, eggs, onions, and lots of spices. I had a bite, and there was definitely a good kick. I don’t know if this is typical, but there was also a little tub of a hummus-like substance to pour over the mixture. A giant piece of baguette balanced on the edge of the plate.

Super hot, and evidently, super good.


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