Takeout satisfaction

I’ve mentioned in a few different venues that food (among other things) is shockingly expensive in WA compared with North America. I often just want to give up grocery shopping, since it feels like it’s cheaper to eat out with the array of cheap-in-a-good-way Asian restaurants near us.

Govinda’s confirms that notion. Located near the main city busport and train station, Govinda’s has a prominent storefront on a busy strip. But it’s definitely out of the ordinary. It’s run by a Hare Krishna group (Iskcon Perth) and offers a low cost vegetarian Indian meals.

They offer an all-you-care-to-eat buffet for I think maybe $10? When I visited, there were a couple of curries on offer, plus rice, salad, pakoras, lassi, and maybe a couple of other things (a dessert?).

I opted for takeaway, though, to nourish Yusuke after his Friday afternoon class.

I got us each a tub filled with rice, the curries, and some sort of a cauliflower pakora with spicy sauce. One curry had chickpeas and tended toward salty, while the other had carrots, broccoli, and potatoes and was sweeter.

The price? $10. For BOTH. That’s $5 each. It was plenty of food, though I added some fresh spinach at home and we cleaned up some leftover miso soup as well to make it a big feast.

Like Annalakshmi, this meal was vegetarian, with a good spirit, for a good cause (feeding everyone who comes in). Govinda’s will be added to my frequent visit list.

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