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We’ve now had the chance to eat out a bit in Perth: Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, and various cafe-type lunches. I wanted to post a quick note about an amazing place that we visited a while back (and will definitely again).

Annalakshmi on the Swan offers vegan Indian food, cafeteria style, to anyone who turns up at the door. The price? It’s up to your ability to pay and your conscience.

To quote from their website:

Annalakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Food and the adage “athithi devo bhava” meaning “the Guest is God” is the motivating factor. This factor is a tribute to the Goddess of Plenty, Annalakshmi. These ideals, the warmth and the service very soon capture the imagination of diners. Annalakshmi provides food for the soul by providing a good meal to those who walk in.

Annalakshmi on the Swan has been a household name for more than a decade in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. It is largely run through the work of voluntary staff that includes mothers and grandmothers all of whom know what it takes to prepare a wholesome meal with homely love.

I’m not sure how they manage with their real estate. The location is fantastic, on the Barrack Street Jetty overlooking the Swan River right in the centre of Perth. When we went, a strong wind was coming off the river so we opted for indoors, but they have outdoor seating on a deck above the water as well.

The other diners who joined us in the queue outside for the 6:30 opening were quite varied: lots of families (especially from South Asia), other people looking like they just got off work like us, and people who probably couldn’t frequent the many other (pricey) restaurants nearby.

The food was a nice mix. A very spicy clear soup with veggies, a couple of kinds of rice, pancake-like things that were similar to injera or sourdough bread in taste, a mild crunchy cabbage slaw, a dish with lightly fried potatoes (not greasy), a sweet curry with chickpeas, and a spicier one with sweet potatoes. Good stuff for body and soul.

We’ll be back.

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