Tomato-egg scramble

Executive summary: this was light, sweet-ish, and overall delicious.

Yusuke started by sauteing in olive oil the bulbs of rich, purple onions and their green tops along with one clove of garlic.

Next, he added some chopped parsley (frozen from another basket). It came out lovely and fragrant.

Chopped fresh tomatoes were added next.

Meanwhile, in a bowl on the side, he beat a couple of eggs with a pinch of sea salt and dashi (to add a Japanese taste). He dumped this into the pan with the veggies and let everything cook.

The salt and dashi gently highlighted the tomatoes and onions’ fresh sweetness. [I love how in CSA basket season, my posts have the word “fresh” about a million times each.]

Since the dish was a bit liquidy, it could be served over rice or noodles or other veggies.


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