Matsutake risotto

Another recipe for the risotto/porridge/おかゆ file. This is an excellent choice for any not-feeling-good circumstance.

The rice was prepared in the rice cooker, on the porridge setting. Yusuke added a bit of dashi and soy sauce to the water. In addition, he added dried matsutake mushrooms and let everything soak for about 30 minutes.

I had bought the mushrooms at Montreal’s Salon des métiers d’art in December from a lovely purveyor of preserved foods called Gourmet Sauvages. Matsutake are especially prized gems of the mushroom world, often described as having a spicy undertone.

While the rice was cooking, Yusuke boiled okra and chopped it into thin pieces.

The おかゆ emerged from the rice cooker with a lovely aroma. Yusuke stirred in the okra with raw eggs—which cooked quickly in the hot porridge. To serve, we stirred in a bit of sea salt and wasabi. Very warm and soothing.

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