Fish n’ onions

We hadn’t had fish in a while, so this was a nice treat. Yusuke found bass in the grocery store, and it tasted pretty similar to Japanese すずき (suzuki), although he wasn’t sure whether this specimen was from a lake or the ocean.

The fishie came whole, so the first step was to de-boned and filet. The thickest part was sliced a bit more, cut on the skin side.

Next, he sprinkled sea salt and freshly ground black pepper on the fish flesh and let it sit for a while. Later, he dried a bit of excess water off the fish and put it in a frying pan.

He added a healthy amount of white wine, followed by chopped white mushrooms, and sliced white onions. Yes, the white was appropriate for Montreal’s new-found snowy February!

He covered the pan and let the fish and veggies steam.

To eat, we simply dressed everything with balsamic vinegar, one of my new favourite substances. Like other types of vinegar, balsamic vinegar supposedly aids digestion and has good antioxidant properties. But I didn’t bother finding sources that I could cite on this blog in good conscience, so…find your own!

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