Leek donburi

Leek donburi

One of my favourite items in our csa basket over the past several weeks has been beautiful, beautiful leeks.

Above is pictured another cold-clearing dish. In Japan, as elsewhere, leeks are attributed with healing properties for colds. This page has a few other interesting home remedies. I have not yet experimented with a leek bandage…

To prepare the leeks, Yusuke began by cooking the green bits for a few seconds in boiling water. Then he shredded the green along with the raw white.

To prepare the tofu, he dumped silken tofu in a pan and boiled them over medium heat. Then he drained the water and continued to cook the tofu until the water was drawn out. He smashed it into fine crumbles during the cooking process. Once the tofu was dry, he reduced the pan to low heat and then added:

  • soy sauce
  • katsuoboshi (dried fish flakes)
  • a tiny bit of sesame oil
  • sake
  • sea salt

The tofu mixture was then piled on top of rice, followed by the purifying leeks. Served with a pinch of shichimi pepper sprinkled on top.

(To help with my search results: domburi is also transliterated as donburi. Easier: 丼 or どんぶり)

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