Cold-busting risotto

When I felt the ominous beginnings of a head cold creeping up, Yusuke made this dish in the hope of warding it off.

He began by sautéing garlic and chopped fresh chili pepper (from the farmers’ market) in olive oil until aromatic (i.e., “til the smell comes out”). Then he added sliced white onions, followed by chopped carrot greens shortly thereafter. Next, he poured in diced tomatoes and raised the heat. The next addition was beautiful fresh carrots along with 100 ml of water. Finally, he added white wine, sea salt, and consommé stock and let everything simmer. Finally, he mixed in pre-cooked (well, leftover) rice.

Garlic is a famous folk remedy, and onions and carrots are said to be helpful as well. Alas, this review seems to shoot down garlic’s efficacy:

LISSIMAN E, BHASALE AL, & COHEN M. (2009). Garlic for the common cold. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Online).

“AUTHORS’ CONCLUSIONS: There is insufficient clinical trial evidence regarding the effects of garlic in preventing or treating the common cold. A single trial suggested that garlic may prevent occurrences of the common cold, but more studies are needed to validate this finding. Claims of effectiveness appear to rely largely on poor quality evidence.”

(N.B. I got the damn cold anyway, but this meal made me feel very good and happy regardless. This is much more important to me than clinical trials. I believe in folk medicine.)

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