Turnip carpaccio

Our farmers’ market basket has exposed us to some stuff that usually doesn’t end up in our shopping cart at the grocery store. This time: turnips. Fortunately, they turned out to be passably similar to カブ (kabu: Japanese turnips).

Here, Yusuke turned them into a lovely carpaccio. [I learned that this signifies a marinated dish.]

First, he stir fried bean sprouts in sesame oil and set them aside.

Next, he boiled the kabu for just a few seconds (10-15) and then sliced it very thinly. In the original recipe, the kabu is raw and sliced with a special slicer gadget* for the purpose, so apparently that’s another option.

Then he chopped up the kabu leaves and stems, as small as possible, and sauteed them in sesame oil.

Last, he arranged everything on a plate and topped with ponzu sauce (the aforementioned marinade) and katsuobushi.

At this point, it’s probably superfluous to say: it was yummy.

*Re: the slicer: See Amazon.jp. Marvelous. Amazon Canada, why do you suck so bad?

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