Têtes de violon

It’s fiddlehead season, and I’m happy. This kinpira dish is a Japanese preparation of the veggie (こごみ). It was fabulous for dinner and would also be great for bento, eaten cold or at room temperature. The original recipe called for burdock instead of fiddleheads, but clearly, either works.

Yusuke began by boiling the fiddleheads briefly in salted water and then drained them. Next, he heated canola oil in a frying pan and added the fiddleheads, cooking them on high heat. Then sliced carrots were thrown in.

After a few minutes, he mixed in 2 tbsp mirin and 1 tbsp soy sauce.

He then turned off the heat and added a few drops of sesame oil for aroma. Last, he sprinkled in sesame seeds and stirred everything until the veggies were coated.

The fiddleheads had a great texture, firm but not chewy. The sesame flavour definitely sets them off nicely!


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