Zucchini steak

Zucchini steak on fish plate

This meal inaugurated an awesome fish dish that we received as a Christmas gift. Although the original intention is for fish, obviously, it works for veggies as well.

First, Yusuke grilled zucchini slices in the oven with black pepper and sea salt.

Meanwhile, he prepared a stir fry with carrots, bean sprouts, finely chopped mushrooms, and sliced white onions with a soupy soy sauce-based mixture.

The zucchini was beautifully arranged on the aforementioned awesome plate and then the sauce poured over.

fish dish

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  1. S Lloyd said

    Zucchini steak is indeed a refreshing meal. I cooked something similar this past summer at a culinary event dedicated to creativity in vegetable-centric food, and it was appreciated to the most.

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