Extra-special spaghetti

This was a very special Saturday night dinner. All that was lacking was an opera singer belting “o sole mio.”

Yusuke began by preparing a tomato sauce from canned diced tomatoes. According to instructions that he read online, we squished the tomatoes before starting, to great dramatic effect in terms of kitchen splatter. He simmered the tomatoes in a frying pan with a bit of sea salt and white wine. The wine, in fact, was a very little bit, because to our surprise and chagrin, we had nearly run out.

He then added diced eggplant (soaked first to reduce bitterness), chopped mushrooms, and very finely chopped chives.

Next, he sautéed garlic in some olive oil until it was fragrant. Then he added some fresh clams in the shell and the tomato sauce in the pan. The whole mixture simmered until the clams opened. Magic!

The sauce and clams were served over al-dente spaghetti.

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