French toast, Japanese style

french toast with kinako and anko

This was an awesome breakfast-for-dinner meal: French toast, Japanese style. We used our favourite yumbly multi-grain bread, which was coated with a mixture assembled from four eggs, 200 milliliters of soy milk, and a tiny bit of brown sugar sauce.

We used the latter instead of syrup. Yusuke described it as a homemade mitsu sauce: 100 milliliters of water, 100 grams of brown sugar, and 100 grams of superfine sugar, simmered together in a pot until sticky.

In addition to the mitsu, we topped the French toast with fabulous anko and a dusting of kinako (soybean flour).

But don’t worry if you think we actually consumed a non-healthy meal. In addition to the French toast, we also ate a nice thick soup with tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, and bean sprouts. We thus covered the key food groups: fruits (i.e., tomatoes), veggies, grains, and anko.

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