Cabbage pasta

Pasta just seems right for Sunday dinner (or so says Yusuke). We had acquired a giant monster savoy cabbage from the Atwater market that Yusuke decided to employ in this angel hair pasta dish.

He started by chopping the cabbage into bite-sized pieces. He also halved cherry tomatoes and removed the seeds.

Meanwhile, he boiled water for the pasta, adding powdered beef bouillon and black pepper.

Next, he sautéed a healthy amount of garlic and olive oil in a frying pan until it became fragrant. At that point, he dumped in the cabbage. Once it started getting soft, he added the tomatoes and cooked them briefly.

The pasta was not fully cooked in the boiling water—it was left a tiny bit harder than al dente.

He added the pasta to the frying pan along with 1-2 ladles full of the broth from the pot. He mixed everything together and let the pasta cook a bit more.

The original recipe called for anchovies, but lacking these, Yusuke used 1 tsp of Nam Pla (Thai fish sauce) instead.

The mix of the cabbage and tomatoes was excellent, with the latter particularly super-sweet.

We also had a simple egg-drop soup. The base was water with 1-2 tsp of dashi, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/3 tsp sugar, and 1 tsp each of soy sauce and sake. The veggies were green onions and white mushrooms, both fresh from the Atwater market.

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