Thai broccoli stir fry

Having acquired some nam pla (fish sauce), Yusuke put together this lovely Thai-ish stir fry.

He began by chopping and boiling fresh broccoli. He noted that it could also be steamed to retain crunchiness, but since his poor mouth was sore from a trip to the dentist, he opted for softer veggies.

Next, he moved to a frying pan and heated minced garlic and tons of ginger. Adding a bit of oil, he sautéed pieces of chicken. After these were cooked, he added the drained broccoli to the pan. After this simmered for a while, he dumped in halved cherry tomatoes.

Finally came the sauce: 1.5 or 2 tbsp of nam pla and a splash of lime juice.

Nam pla is essentially anchovy extract, salt, and sugar. It smelled a bit stinky in the bottle, but it tasted quite nice in the stir fry.


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