Back to Montreal: Juliette et Chocolat

The day after returning to Montreal from Colorado, we met some friends for lunch at Juliette et Chocolat. Here are some gratuitous pictures.

We had a mix-up about the location for our meet-up (there are three branches of the resto), but Yusuke ordered a café au lait while we were waiting.

cafe au lait

Salade Juliette et chocolat

I ordered the Juliette et Chocolat salad, with mixed greens, strawberries, pears, and a fabulous raspberry-chocolate vinaigrette. I didn’t expect the lattice made from crepe batter that topped the salad, and although I initially dug under it to get to the veggies, I ended up eating almost all of it. I also had a lovely Mayan chocolate herbal tea.

crepe suzette

Yusuke selected La Crêpe Suzette, which turned out to be rather extreme (in a very good way). The crêpes were drizzled with melted chocolate and marmalade and topped with fresh orange slices, flambée au Cointreau for good measure. Alas, you can’t see it sizzling in the picture.

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