Kazu lunch

In a previous post, I mentioned Kazu, a new Japanese izakaya (pub-style restaurant) near our apartment.

We tried to go again for lunch a few weeks ago, but to our great disappointment, they are closed on Tuesdays. We were very, very depressed. But we went again last Monday and happily filled our bellies.

It feels like a Japanese Cheers to me in terms of friendly atmosphere (I swear there was a Norm at the bar). Several other Japanese people arrived just after they opened for lunch at noon, and the tiny space quickly filled up with other downtown lunch folks.

The menu appears mostly on hand-written paper taped to the wall, but there is also a special lunch menu each day.

Yusuke selected the ramen, which is only available at lunchtime.

I chose a delicious tofu and vegetable hotpot. Which was excellent. I want to know where they get their tofu (maybe they make it?).

Other lunch options were chirashizushi, shrimp burgers, and chicken curry rice. I should note that as an izakaya, some of the foods tends toward the salty and/or oily side, but it is honest and filling. The waitress also talked Yusuke into having homemade matcha ice cream for dessert…and she really didn’t have to try very hard.

Yes, indeedy, we’ll be back to Kazu before too long.


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