Razbanero bean sprouts

Last weekend, Yusuke and I drove down to Vermont to meet up with a friend who was visiting from Nebraska (long story). We were thrilled just to see her (hi Wendy!) and to eat crêpes at the Skinny Pancake—not once, but twice, hitting up the shops in both Burlington and Montpelier.

gratuitous crêpe picture: strawberries in Montpelier

But she was also kind enough to bring some おみやげ (souvenirs, that is) from Omaha.

One item is pictured below: Chili Dawg’s razbanero spread. As the name indicates, it’s made from fresh habanero peppers and raspberries; in other words, delightfully spicy and sweet at the same time. A party on your tongue, if you will.

The jar suggests spreading it on crackers along with cream cheese, and the website has a “recipe” for putting it on ice cream! Yusuke went a little more, well, Japanese with this dish. The results were tasty.

He simply mixed up a sauce of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and razbanero in which he soaked boiled bean sprouts and raw white onions. He then arranged the mixture over cold tofu and added another dollop of razbanero. The spiciness of the sauce and onions was balanced by the cool, smooth tofu.


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