Interesting mural outside...not sure if it was related to the restaurant

Inside: a house!

Yusuke and I ventured out to the Plateau in search Toroli, a cute little restaurant run by a Japanese couple. It had a wonderful ambiance: we felt like we had walked into someone’s house! There were about 5 or 6 tables and a little counter that led to the kitchen area.

The menu is essentially French-style, but the Japanese sensibility for presentation, attention to detail, and careful selection of balanced ingredients was obvious in each dish.

We were won over with the first course: a superb miso soup with thin slices of squash, eggplants, carrots, and onions. A sprinkling of shichimi completed the spiciness.

Miso soup with veggies

Yusuke had the beef tartare appetizer, which he said was ok, though a bit salty.

beef tartare appetizer

His main dish choice was the sesame salmon, with the delicate fish encrusted in roasted sesame seeds. Fabulous. The white sauce made it rather rich, but good to share. The caviar was a perfect touch.

sesame salmon

I ordered “yuzu folie” for my main dish, although it was actually an appetizer. It was a white fish of some kind topped with citrus fruit, green onions, and tiny bits of fish roe. The citrus perfectly balanced the saltiness.

yuzu folie

I also selected seasoned rice, which, interestingly, was mixed with edamame. The drip of sauce was some kind of sweet yakitori-type of concoction. Very yummy.

seasoned rice with edamame

The dessert, some kind of mascarpone perhaps?, was too rich for me to eat after the rest of the meal, but Yusuke enjoyed it.

The tea selection at Toroli is fabulous as well. We had dokudami (ドクダミ茶), a Japanese detoxifying herb, with cinnamon sticks and other herbs mixed in.

Overall, highly recommended for good, beautifully presented food and a gently elegant experience. おいしい.


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  1. Kaori said

    Looks so delicious!
    While checking the Toroli website, I found your post.
    The next resto I will go would be absolutely there, Toroli!!

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