Mushroom tilapia

It looks like this little fishie is swimming, but alas for him, it’s now in mushroom sauce.

This dish began with a package of dried shitake mushrooms that my mother-in-law had sent from Japan. The mushrooms were soaked in water overnight to rehydrate them and simultaneously create a lovely broth.

Yusuke sliced the mushrooms and then added them back to the broth in a saucepan along with sliced green onions, enoki mushrooms, and a bit of water.

He also supplemented the broth with 3-4 tbsp soy sauce, 1 1/2 tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp sake, and a pinch of salt. Everything was brought to a boil and cooked briefly.

Finally, he lowered the temperature and mixed in katakuriko (Japanese potato starch) to thicken the sauce.

Meanwhile, tilapia fillets were fried in a pan with a bit of sesame oil to bring out the flavour. Last, obviously, the fish was smothered in the sauce. Mmmm.

The dried shitake wasn’t as good as fresh mushrooms—rather more chewy—but they were still quite flavourful. I really like tilapia, and once again it came out well with a delicate, non-fishy taste.

And because I love mushrooms so much, here is another gratuitous commercial from Kinoko Hokto.


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