Soba plate

Soba time again. Yusuke says that he dreaded soba for a while in elementary school because his mom made it nearly everyday for lunch during the summer. (It’s a typical hot weather food.) Fortunately for me, he has recovered and once again highly enjoys it.

To prepare this dish, Yusuke sautéed slices of baby eggplant in sesame oil. He was careful to cook it slowly to maximize softness and bring out the flavour. We were lucky to have an extra-good batch of eggplant this time. (*^_^*)

The other two soba toppings were boiled bean sprouts and hot springs eggs (20 seconds in the microwave!).

As per usual, the soba sauce was made from soy sauce, sugar, mirin, water, and some of our special dashi stock. He also cooked fresh crimini mushrooms to the broth.

Instead of using of bowls, Yusuke assembled the noodles and toppings on large plates, poured the sauce, added chopped green onions, and sprinkled a bit of shichimi. I had more difficulty trying to slurp the noodles than usual, but this was a perfect meal for a gloriously sweltering day.

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