Ethiopian birthday

I wanted to try something different for my birthday dinner, so I selected an Ethiopian adventure. We ventured out to exotic Bishop Street (a block from our apartment) and found the restaurant Magdala nestled in among Irish pubs. And it turned out to be a very good choice.

We started with a salad, which was pretty generic except for a few pieces of chopped jalapeño that came as a little surprise to Yusuke. (Sadly, they didn’t have half the appetizers on the menu nor the soup. Maybe next time.)

For the main course, Yusuke choose a spicy lamb dish. I opted for a vegetarian combination of a bunch of things that I couldn’t decipher nor pronounce. But I believe that some of them are listed here. They included a very tasty boiled spinach melange (possibly with lemon), chickpeas, spicy lentils, and a stir-fried mix of cabbage and carrots. I loved all of them. I enjoy simple food, and each dish tasted very pure and gently spiced.

The most novel part was the awesome bread, called injera. As the picture shows, a huge piece of bread was spread over a serving tray, and we were given additional little rolls as well. So much, in fact, that we didn’t get around to eating the bottom piece. Injera is sort of like a crêpe, but spongier. It has a nice tangy taste, like sourdough bread, which I understand is from the fermentation of the yeast. To eat, you tear off small pieces of the bread and scoop up the food. No other utensils required.

Like Japanese food, I think I could eat like this everyday, and I’d like to go back again soon!

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  1. Paige said

    Ethiopian is one of my favourites, especially in the winter. I’ll have to see if my local place does anything with lamb – usually I go for the beef.

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