Jun-i report

In honour of Yusuke’s birthday, my parents treated us to a lovely (as always) lunch at Jun-i. Here is the documentation. My previous recaps are here.

Tea was first needed to warm us up, especially my dad, who had trekked to the restaurant on foot. Warm sake followed shortly thereafter.

For our first course, Yusuke had miso soup (so beautiful), I had the kaiso (seaweed) salad, and my parents both had the house salad (above).

My parents both ordered the fish of the day, the genre of which, unfortunately, I can’t recall. I think it was black cod? Anyway, it had a very nice, light tomato sauce along with mussels.

Yusuke and I were boring and ordered the chef’s selection of sashimi and nigiri sushi. My favourite was the very, very pale pink fish (fourth nigiri sushi from the left, above). I can’t remember what is was, though. Perhaps striped sea bass.

We made sure that each of the three desserts of the day were ordered so that we could sample all of them: chocolate ginger cake with ice cream, green tea tiramisu, and some type of apple compote-custard thing that was absolutely marvelous.


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