Tuna sashimi



We happened upon some sushi-quality in our usual grocery store, and we couldn’t pass it up. Talk about a quick meal: just slice the fish and eat with soy sauce and wasabi, with rice on the side.

However, we are aware that this might be one of the last times to enjoy this treat. Tuna, particularly bluefin tuna in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, has been severely over-fished. It has become endangered, and the European Union is discussing bans or drastic limitations on the fishing and trade of bluefin tuna.

The World Wildlife Foundation presents an overview of the issue here and here. They note that the sushi market worldwide has put a huge demand on the already over-fished stocks, pushing them to the edge of collapse.

Here are a couple other recent newspaper articles on the issue: Bluefin tuna – with a guilt trip thrown in (The Independent), Commission proposal would put tuna on endangered list (European Voice), In Deep Water (CNBC), and Pressure grows over bid for international tuna trade ban (Malta Independent).

Pacific tuna is also disappearing, as described in this news article from the WWF. It seems from this article that illegal fishing is especially exacerbating the problem. Coinciding with the National Tuna Congress in General Santos City (Philippines), Greenpeace is sending a ship to record and, as they put it, protect, tuna in the Pacific.

So all this to say that our tuna was a delicious dilemma.



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