Tofu domburi

Tofu goodness

This dish was awesome. I think I could eat it everyday.

It’s a domburi (“stuff on rice in a bowl”), with tofu, green onions, and white onions. As you can see, it’s firm tofu (wonderful Soyarie brand), so it was quite filling. Yusuke just microwaved the tofu, but it could also be boiled or fried. For the sauce, he used kombu stock, mirin (roughly 1 tbsp), sake (roughly 1 tbsp), a splash of soy sauce, salt to taste, and a pinch of dashi powder. The final seasoning was a sprinkling of sesame seeds and red pepper flakes, along with ginger for me.

(To help with my search results: domburi is also transliterated as donburi. Easier: 丼 or どんぶり)


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