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Simple summer tofu and sprouts

Tofu 'n sprouts

Tofu 'n sprouts

I’m enjoying FINALLY being able to soak in hot, ridiculously humid summer weather (well, at least my hair looks ridiculous). I’m still extremely crabby about being so frigid when I’m inside at work and other horrible, wasteful overly-air conditioned places, but at least I can get relief with a blast of warmth when I go outside.

Right: so at this time of year, cool, simple food is especially nice. Yusuke boiled silken tofu and bean sprouts in a sauce of soy sauce, mirin, and dashi and added fresh green onions to complete the dish.

Inquiring minds may be interested in the nutritional facts of bean sprouts (mung beans), courtesy of Wolfram Alpha. 34 µg of vitamin K, oh boy.

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