Fried squash

Squash slices

Squash slices

Another less-than-healthy-but-extremely-tasty meal. Yusuke first microwaved the acorn squash to soften it. Then he coated slices of the squash in katakuriko and pan-fried them in canola oil. The dipping sauce was soy sauce, mirin, and dashi.

Katakuriko, a Japanese potato starch (originally made from the katakuri plant), is one of the more difficult items to find in Montreal. Since even the Korean-owned groceries don’t usually have it, we have to make a special trip to a Japanese store to get it (namely, Miyamoto in Westmount). But the Western potato and corn starch that he tried just doesn’t work right. Katakuriko is generally used as a sauce thickener and for tempura, since it makes such a nicely light and crispy coating.

Setting the table

Setting the table



  1. Alex said

    Mmmmm, that looks absolutely delicious. See, you had to do starch to drag out the “commenter” in me!

  2. Megan said

    Note the rice on the side, too? We have it with nearly every meal, so don’t worry, we don’t neglect the carbs!

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