Oshiruko with shiratama

Floating shiratama

Floating shiratama

I posted a description of Yusuke’s oshiruko before, but this time we had it with shiratama balls, too. Yusuke was singing “shiratama-shiratama-shiratama” all day after eating this.

Shiratama-ko is a glutinous rice flour used for a variety of desserts and other dishes (see image searches for some examples). It’s often used in shiruko instead of mochi.

To make the balls, water is slowly added to the shiratama-ko in a bowl. On the package directions, it says that the dough should be as soft as earlobes. Yusuke says this a standard cooking direction, but I had never heard it in English. The dough is then kneaded and formed into golf-ball sized dumplings. Next, the balls are boiled in a pot of water. When they float to the top, they’re done! Last, the shiratama is cooled in cold water and drained before being added to the shiruko.

We have some of the flour left, so I think next time we’ll eat the shiratama with fruit like this.

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