Bean sprout and egg duos

I always buy bean sprouts when I go grocery shopping; they are soooo incredibly cheap and go in just about any stir fry or soup. One of our frequent favourite combinations, for example, is miso soup with bean sprouts, mushrooms, and green onions.

Chinese vinegary bean sprouts

Chinese vinegary bean sprouts

Yusuke made the dish above recently to change things up, Chinese-style. First he sautéed the bean sprouts in a drop of canola oil and a touch of salt and pepper. Then he added a couple beaten eggs, mixing lightly to scramble them. Last came the seasoning, with chicken broth, lots of rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar. He also added a bit of water to give the dish a soupy, saucy consistency. The vinegary tanginess was perfect with rice. Yusuke daintily left the remaining sauce in the bottom of his bowl, but I couldn’t resist slurping up mine. We topped the dish with fresh green onions to give us all those magical oniony health benefits.

Multigrain rice and bean sprouts

Multigrain rice and bean sprouts

This is another quick bean sprout stir fry/egg scramble. The texture is more like a standard scrambled egg dish: stickier and crunchier. The green onions were sautéed this time with the sprouts. When served, we dripped a sauce of soy sauce, garlic, sake, and sesame oil over the bowl and garnished it with bonito flakes.

You might also notice a pinkish hue to the rice in the picture. This is because it’s plain rice mixed with a eleven-element blend consisting of red beans, soy beans, black soy beans, purple-black rice, unprocessed rice, unprocessed mochi rice, flattened barley, adlay, millet, and foxtail millet. (At least that’s what it is according to Yusuke’s dictionary-aided translation. Actually, when I asked him to explain what’s in the blend, he said, “I have no idea, honey.”) At any rate, the grain mixture comes in little 20 gram packages, and you just mix one or two with plain rice and water before starting the rice cooker. Extremely tasty. We brought back a big package of the packets from Japan and recently rediscovered them in the cupboard, so we’ve been having multigrain rice for nearly every meal.


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  1. Sam said

    Megan, all this stuff looks/sounds so fantastic. I need to print up your posts so I can have them on hand to make this summer!

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