Creamy shrimp and avocado

Shrimp and avocado

Shrimp and avocado

This simple stir fry derives its creaminess from avocados. The shrimp, sadly, was frozen, but still tasty. After soaking and defrosting, the shrimp was stir fried with white onions, garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper. Then avocado cubes were mixed in, and the pieces naturally broke apart a bit, coating everything with creamy green goodness. Very simple, very good.

Due to geographical reasons, sometimes it’s difficult to get good avocados here, but occasionally we find good, big ones. I think we’ve had good luck with the Lamb Hass variety, which comes from California or Mexico (yup, we’re not good at being locavores). It’s definitely worth paying a few cents more for the higher quality fruits. Avocados are evidently a miracle food: see the nutrition profile at World’s Healthiest Foods.


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