Korean-style crêpes

Korean-style crêpes

Korean-style crêpes

These Korean-style crêpes are sort of similar to Japanese okonomyaki, only flatter. Yusuke used the same type of batter, but instead of cabbage, their crunchiness comes from bean sprouts and green onions. The sauce of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame seeds really made the dish fabulous.

Our accompanying miso soup was rather exotic, with okra and firm tofu. I’ve found that I really love okra in soup. I think the fact that I now use the adjective “slippery” as an attractive attribute of food is further evidence that I’m turning Japanese…

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  1. […] The picture above shows a crêpe-style dish being made. It’s similar to the Korean-style crêpe that Yusuke made, which in turn is similar to okonomyaki. Again, the idea is to combine a variety […]

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