Azuki interlude

Sweet azuki beans

Sweet azuki beans

Azuki, a mild red bean, is a famous East Asian staple food that is especially prominent in Japanese desserts. They’re used to make the sweet bean paste used in anpan, for example. Sometimes you’ll see the word spelled “adzuki,” but Yusuke doesn’t think this transliteration is correct.

Pictured above is one common preparation of the beans that Yusuke made recently with beans bought in bulk from a little health food store near our apartment. He boiled the beans for about 10 minutes, then drained off the water. He boiled them again in fresh water until they were soft, meanwhile adding lots and lots of sugar, both brown and white. Then he let them soak overnight (which essential!). We just reheated the beans on the stove before eating them. Fabulous with green tea. You can eat the beans on their own, or every better, with mochi. Which I think will constitute an interlude of its own at some point…


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