Sweet cabbage

Cabbage dish

Cabbage dish

This stir fry features cabbage with bean sprouts and pork. Yusuke brushed the cabbage with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and microwaved it until it was soft. Meanwhile, he stir fried the bean sprouts and pork, and then combined it all. The cabbage was the indeed the star of the evening with its natural sweetness highlighted in this simple dish. We also had a chicken broth soup with tons of mushrooms (yay!), green onions, and egg.

I feel that I should point out that although I describe so many of these dishes as “simple,” they are not necessarily easy. (I know: when I try to make them, they never quite turn out right.) Yusuke spends a lot of time and care in washing and cutting vegetables, soaking them when needed (e.g., eggplants), cooking ingredients in separate batches if if it will enhance the flavour, and meticulously tasting and using his alchemical sensibilities to get just the right combination of seasonings. I am continuously grateful for his efforts.

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