Eggplant pasta

Eggplant pasta

Eggplant pasta

In contrast with Yusuke’s Japanese-style pasta, this dish was distinctly Italian. Not one of our lower calorie meals, Yusuke boiled the pasta in a mixture of olive oil and water (as usual). While the pasta was cooking, he prepared the sauce in a frying pan: succulent eggplant cubes, canned tomatoes, and lots of garlic. After the pasta was nicely al dente, he added it to the sauce in the pan and cooked it all for a bit longer.

We had a light soup on the side: miso with seaweed and bean sprouts.

This dinner coincided with the arrival of our friendly neighbourhood déneigement guide. It provided a wealth of useful information about such intriguing topics as:

  • what will happen to your car if you leave it in the path of snow removal crews
  • the tiered progression of salt trucks, to snow blowers, to plows, to bulldozers, to the massive trucks that slurp up the snow and carry it away
  • how to get a snow dumping permit if you don’t have enough room on your property for your snow (seriously)

On a related note, I’ve concluded that the best way to winterize one’s home is to move to Hawaii. Yup.

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