Sweet potato stir fry

Sweet potato stir fry

Sweet potato stir fry

This stir fry was our nod to Canadian thanksgiving back in October. The stir fry is diced sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, spinach, and egg, with salt and black pepper. Yusuke usually uses a bit of butter for this stir fry instead of oil. This would be an excellent breakfast/brunch dish, too. Yusuke sometimes tops his portion with ketchup, but I prefer unadorned sweet potato.

The soup is simply water, sesame oil, salt, black pepper, wakame, bean sprouts, and Ajinomoto “super seasoning.” Ajinomoto is MSG, a flavour enhancer that has gotten a fair bit of bad press. I’m not concerned about it though, since we eat very little processed food (which often has lots of MSG), and Yusuke only uses a tiny bit when he adds it to soup. At any rate, it was delicious.

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