Curried tofu stir fry

Curried tofu stir fry

Curried tofu stir fry

Wow! Holy red bell pepper! Finally, the bright colour of a vegetable shows up in my picture. This was another of my attempts at playing chef, just to give Yusuke a break from kitchen duty. I used this recipe: a stir fry with firm tofu, red bell pepper, green onions, mushrooms, and tomatoes. The first time I had made the dish, it came out rather tasteless, so this time, I tried to improve the gustatory experience by adding lots of soy sauce, chicken broth, and garlic in addition to the salt, pepper, and curry called for in the recipe. The soup was miso, with the last of our leftover napa (that stuff lasts forever!) and wakame. We’ve been using a different brand of miso lately, and Yusuke found that it tastes quite good to add chicken bouillon to the soup instead of dashi.


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