Okonomiyaki and soup

Okonomiyaki and soup


Okonomiyaki: garnished

Ah, the famous Okonomiyaki. Yusuke calls it Japanese fast food, or perhaps more properly, festival food. I first had it at the Montreal matsuri (festival) last year, and Yusuke has made it many times since then.

Basically, okonomiyaki is a pancake or crêpe with lots of stuff mixed into it. There are two main styles of okonomiyaki: Osaka (Kansai region) and Hiroshima. Yusuke makes the former, and his preferred ingredients are cabbage (chopped), shrimp, and green onions.

He uses a sort of assembly-line procedure whereby he separates the vegetables/shrimp for each okonomiyaki in a separate bowl, then breaks an egg on top of each, then adds the batter of flour and water. Then he mixes everything within each bowl before pouring it into the frying pan. (I’m the lucky one who gets to wash all the bowls and clean up the spilled flour…) I must say, this is a very effective way to ensure an equitable distribution of ingredients.

Yusuke found a lovely step-by-step illustration of how to make okonomiyaki. Click “Preparation” at the bottom of the page to get to it.

Okonomiyaki is eaten with okonomi sauce, which is thick and rather sweet-ish. You can even buy it on Amazon! Okonomiyaki is also garnished with dried bonito flakes, powdered nori, and mayonnaise (which I skip).

The soup with this meal was miso with mushrooms and bean sprouts.


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